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KIDY Baby Box is a complete set of necessary items for a newborn and mommy at an affordable price

There is very little time left before the birth of a little miracle and you still do not know what to buy a baby for the first months of his or her life? In that case, our special offer comes to the rescue: Baby Box, a premade set with all the items that will be necessary in the first months of the baby’s life.

What is a “Baby Box” and why do I need it?

At late stages, pregnancy holds a series of difficult challenges for the body. Long walks in stores in search of good quality and beautiful clothes for the baby may reflect on well-being of the soon-to-be mother, and not in a good way. Additionally, lack of experience in this matter will result in a few extra purchases that may not be useful in the future. A newborn baby box that contains quality clothing and hygiene items, both for the baby and for the mother will be an excellent choice for those who care about their health and want to save money on these purchases.

Often, when friends or colleagues in the family are expecting a child, the question might arise: “What are the best baby gift ideas?” The desire to make great new baby gifts, to make parents and baby happy with them and at the same time for these gifts to be practical by buying only what the child really needs is only possible by ordering a pre-made newborn box set. The baby box is a unique gift for a newborn baby that in no way will turn out to be useless.

€220.00 - €260.00 €327.95

How did the Finnish Baby Box was invented?

The history of this product dates back to the early 20th century in Finland. Back then, in an attempt to overcome the high mortality rate, Finnish government started to give away this special Baby Box sets to those mothers in Finland who did regular checkups with the doctor during pregnancy. This dramatically reduced child mortality rate and the boxes, in which items came in, were used as a sleeping box or a crib for the baby. When in 2013 the Finns presented a box with the items for newborns to the Duchess and the Duke of Cambridge, the Baby Box began to gain popularity. Despite the fact that the Scandinavian baby box sets are free of charge, they are available for sale to other countries. After that, this idea was picked up by the rest of Europe. Today Finnish baby box for newborns is available to buy almost everywhere, although these boxes cannot be bought by everyone, because of their high cost.

Which types of Baby Boxes do you offer?

It is worth noting that the baby boxes in the online store KIDY are not exactly the same as the original Finnish idea. Our baby boxes are not designed to be used as a crib, because, according to a survey among young mothers, it turned out that only a few people are willing to put their baby in a box for sleeping. Because of this, boxes from KIDY has a lower price than the exact copies of Finnish babyboxes.

Baby Box by gender:

  • Baby girl box: all items included are in tender pink colors.
  • Baby boy box: in light blue colors.
  • Unisex – clothes of calm neutral colors. Will perfectly fit in case the gender of the baby is currently unknown.

Baby Box by size and age:

  • From 0 to 3 months;
  • From 0 to 6 months.

What does every Baby Box by KIDY include?

You can also find different types of baby box at amazon with lots of reviews online, as these sets became ubiquitous at almost every big online store that sells items for newborns. At the official social network pages of the KIDY store, surveys were conducted among experienced young mothers, with the help of which the required collection of items that should be included in the box was determined. These surveys helped us to make sure that every item inside every baby box definitely is useful at the first months of the baby’s life, and that you do not spend money on something that you will not need at all.

The baby box includes:

  • Hygiene produtcs to care for the newborn’s tender skin;
  • Diapers;
  • Bottles, pacifiers, rattles;
  • High-quality clothes made from natural materials by popular children's brands (Lorita, Pinokio, Babaluno);
  • Hygiene products for the mommy.

What are the advantages of the Baby Box?

Buying supplies and clothes for a newborn is not an easy task. It is especially hard for young mothers who are expecting a child for the first time: a lot of questions begin to pop up about the necessary purchases for the baby. Every mothers wants to find high quality clothes that will not irritate the tender skin of her baby and at the same time to not spend a large amount of money too. Baby Box can be praised for great price/quality ratio because buying separate items will be much more expensive than buying this premade set.

In conclusion, here are the main advantages of KIDY Baby Box:

  • Only safe and high quality items;
  • Organic materials (cotton, linen, merino wool);
  • Only the best brands;
  • The set contains only the necessary items;
  • Great deals are available that save even more of your money;
  • Saves your time for other important things.

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The quality baby clothing online store offers its customers only the best and the safest of items that are available on the market, at relatively low prices. Make a gift of happiness and comfort to your kids with the help of Baby Box from KIDY.